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Marian Allen


For as long as she can remember, Marian Allen has loved telling and soaking up stories. At the age of six, she was told somebody got paid for writing books and movies and television shows; she abandoned her previous ambition (beachcomber), and became a writer.

Allen has had stories in anthologies, on-line and print publications, including Marion Zimmer Bradley’s Sword & Sorceress anthologies 22, 23, 30, 31, 32, and 34.

Small town life agrees with her, especially the interconnectedness of everything and everybody. In her books and stories, no one exists in isolation, but in a web of connections.

Most of Allen’s work is fantasy, science fiction and/or mystery, though she says she’ll write anything else that suits the story and character.

She blogs daily at Marian Allen, Author Lady.

Sideshow in the Center Ring


Connie Phelan has suffered an unfortunate cosmetic reaction, but she isn’t going to let that keep her from her goals: outgrowing her clown identity, avoiding a love/hate relationship with her nemesis, and resisting the urge to do a good deed.

From Hell Alley to TerraNet comedy stardom. Connie Phelan’s goal is to be top dog in a high-status social group calling itself The Good Society. When the Society invites her to a planet where slavery is legal, Connie is faced with choices: Accept ownership of slaves who throw themselves on her mercy or refuse, leaving them free for an unscrupulous Socialite to abuse? Abandon Honey, an alcoholic hanger-on, or risk her own status in the group to support her? And who SHOULD go into that cannibal pot?

Available in print and Kindle editions.

Frenemies in Space: Short Stories From the World of SIDESHOW IN THE CENTER RING

Connie Phelan was born with no money, no prospects, and no filter. Her smart mouth got her into and out of trouble until she parlayed it into entertainment stardom. But that wasn’t enough. She wanted to lord it over the kind of elites who had made her childhood hell. That led her to Marner, where people are vaguely cat-like and a form of slavery is legal. Smart mouth. Trouble. Some things never change.

Available in print and Kindle editions.

 Sage: The Fall of Onagros


Karol, the hereditary ruler of Layounna, vanished while hidden away with her lover, leaving her consort-husband to claim the throne. Shortly afterward, all the children in Layounna’s orphanages also vanished. Ten years later, Karol’s consort-husband claims an obscure young woman as a second wife, and she also vanishes.

In the first book of the SAGE trilogy, a legacy is lost, a woman vanishes into thin air, wisdom is found in unexpected places, and a man hopes to defeat a tyrant with tall tales and gossip.

Available in print and Kindle editions.

Sage: Bargain with Fate


The consort’s mother and sister dabble in dark matters, including blood sacrifice and poison. Opposed to them are the country’s “unimportant” folk, including a silversmith, a disgraced adept, a shapechanging thief, a couple of kitchen maids, and at least one cat.

In the second book of the SAGE trilogy, memories, people, and items of power are recovered. The mighty are helpless, the weak are strong, and a little girl clutches creatures of terror to her ragged heart.

Available in print and Kindle editions.

Sage: Silver and Iron


The four Divine Animals are afoot: Dragon, Unicorn, Phoenix, and Tortoise – the Divine Creature who “forgets” the rules of right and wrong. Hold on tight.

In the final book of the SAGE trilogy, the contention over the throne of Layounna is fought on strange battlegrounds: an island, a henyard, a scrivenry, a pocket, and the heart of the chief claimant.

Available in print and Kindle editions.

Shifty: Tales From the World of SAGE

Whether you’ve read Marian Allen’s SAGE trilogy (The Fall of Onagros, Bargain With Fate, Silver and Iron) or not, you can dive right into these stories set in the same world. Some feature settings and characters from the trilogy, some explore lands and people only hinted at in the novels, but all are filled with strong characters and fantasy. Per Bastet Publications invites you to savor this baker’s dozen of stories from the world of SAGE.

Available in print and Kindle editions.

A Dead Guy at the Summerhouse


Mitch Franklin thinks he’s got it made when the town’s wealthiest eccentric hires him to look after her two lapdogs. Then he meets her family. Five years ago, the last guy she hired played head games the family and servants are still trying to recover from. He also wound up dead. Now, some people think Mitch might be just like him. Some people think Mitch might BE him, back from the grave. Will Mitch survive the anniversary of his predecessor’s death, or will he be another DEAD GUY AT THE SUMMERHOUSE?

Available in print, Kindle, and Audible audiobook editions.

Other Earth, Other Stars


In order to work off-world, you have to have your connection to the ‘net severed. But what if you still hear voices in your head?

In an alternate history, three young friends and their mechanical dog rent an airship for a jolly holiday. Then sky pirates happen.

Can you ever trust a mermayd? They may be charming, but there’s nobody trickier.

A woman begins to wonder exactly who she is after her atoms are reassembled at the end of a transfer.

By land, air, or sea, with two arms or eight, driving lessons are driving lessons.

These stories and poems, most collected from various venues and one brand new, imagine alternate Earth, future Earth, Earthlings in space and on other planets, and people of other planets.

Science fiction. It’s not just ray-guns anymore.

Available in print and Kindle editions.

Lonnie, Me, and….

What do you do with a natural-born fool like Lonnie? If you’re the fool’s best friend, you spend way too much time up to your armpits in nonsense.

Join the super-sized Tiny as he (mostly) rescues Lonnie from old friends, hot sauce, The Junkyard of Forbidden Delights, Santa Clause, the ugliest couch in the world, and The Hound of Hell.

Available in print and Kindle versions.

The Wolves of Port Novo

Elderly priest of Holy Sweet Micah, Aunt Libby, leaves her parish in a huff and walks into danger. Not from the tough young mercreature who robs her, not from the pragmatic waterfront restaurateur who gives her the briefest possible shelter, but from fellow priests.

“Reaver” priests, mercenary and cynical, have driven all true priests out of Port Novo and plan to expand their power as far as possible. One old woman isn’t going to stand in their way.

Or so they think.

Available in print and Kindle versions.

Bar Sinister (A Spadena Street Mystery)

Juss — Injustice H. Chocolate (named and raised by hippies) — questions the usefulness of her Life Coach work and hires a secretary to prove its importance. Prim and efficient Kerry Dashingly can hardly wait to tell his wife that his latest secretary temp job is in a miniature castle in a neighborhood of Disneyesque architecture. Kerry hasn’t even begun when he gets a call from his hapless cousin, Abby: A man she openly hated is dead, and the police found unspecified evidence in the back of her car. Juss immediate attaches herself to the problem, determined to help, even if it kills her.

Spadena Street is a two-block Storybook Style neighborhood with a past as corporate housing for privileged employees of a now-defunct factory. Some of its mysteries are connected to that past, some are connected to the characters of the people who lived there or live there now. Some are connected only by the networks of the current residents. Some just are.

Available in print and for Kindle.


T. Lee Harris


T Lee Harris is a writer and illustrator. A graduate of Indiana University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts, T has put her degree to good use when designing and publishing the Indian Creek Anthology series for the Southern Indiana Writers’ Group and the Not From Around Here anthology for the Cincinnati Writers’ Project. Using said diploma to fan bacon smoke away from the smoke alarm was merely a plus.

T’s work has appeared in several print and online venues including,, the Indian Creek Anthology series and Wildside Press’ Cat Tales 2 anthology. Her novella Winter Wonderland (written for the Black Orchid competition), featuring former FBI agent, Dallas Powell, is available through several electronic venues including Amazon’s Kindle store and in hardcopy through Amazon’s CreateSpace. Hanukkah Gelt, a short story featuring Josh Katzen, is available through Several novels are in the works with settings ranging from ancient Egypt to modern day Chicago.

3 Tales of the Cat


Three Previously published tales of Sitehuti of Western Thebes and his feline companion, Nefer-Djenou-Bastet. Contains To Be a Scribe, The Scribe Vanishes and Wanting the Fish.

To Be a Scribe: Everyone has to start somewhere. Sitehuti’s journey to the capital and his new place in the scribal school doesn’t go exactly as planned.

The Scribe Vanishes: Sitehuti and Nefer-Dejou-Bastet are drafted to take part in the census leading up to Pharaoh Ramesses II’s second Heb Sed, the festival to celebrate the Pharaoh’s second thirty years on the throne. This would be quite an honor if there wasn’t an ulterior motive behind the appointment: someone is stealing goods earmarked for the festival and Sitehuti and Neffi have to find out who’s behind the thefts.

Wanting the Fish: Sitehuti of Western Thebes and Nefer-Djenou-Bastet, the temple cat who has ruin– errrr — improved his life, have earned a break. As a reward for service above and beyond to the royal house of Ramesses II, they are invited to accompany a group of young nobles on a hunting trip. Can the scribe and his feline companion survive the honor?

Available in print and Kindle editions.

The Eloquent Scribe

The only thing Sitehuti of Western Thebes ever wanted was to complete scribal school and slide comfortably into the mid-levels of Egyptian bureaucracy. All that goes into the river the day he is adopted by Nefer-Djenou-Bastet, a highly opinionated sacred cat. From that point on, the young scribe’s life is turned upside down. Everyone sees him as special; favored by the gods. Naturally, that makes him the perfect person to investigate a plot against the Great House of Ramesses II. Suddenly, Sitehuti is up to his neck in political intrigue, conspiracy and murder that takes him right into private heart of the royal palace. He’s been bestowed a great honor. Now all he has to do is survive it.

Available in print and Kindle Editions.

Chicago Blues


It started off as a routine night for jazz pianist BC Peale: hop on the Harley, hit a local bar and grab a quick bite before heading over to the Inferno Jazz Club. Unfortunately, the plans of even a 200+ year-old vampire can go seriously awry.

Things go even farther wrong when retired football star turned undercover agent, Galen Miller, enters the picture, drawing Peale into a web of intrigue.

Together, Miller and Peale must confront the modern day evils of the black market arms trade, organized crime and murder. It seems that every clue they follow leads them back to the mysterious crime boss known as Borgia and an ancient evil that threatens the city of Chicago itself and throws everything Peale thought he knew about himself into doubt.

Available in print and Kindle editions.

New York Nights


Undeath isn’t going smoothly for BC Peale.

Peale’s unintentional intrusion into an illegal arms investigation in Chicago has gotten him drafted into Sentry International as a Special Agent and partnered with former football star, Galen Miller. It also brought him face-to-face with his vampiric sire, Francesco Borgia, for the first time in more than two hundred years. That arms case has come to a cataclysmic close, leaving one colleague dead and both Peale and Borgia injured.

While grief and wounds are still raw, a series of brutal killings take place in New York City. The victims are all connected to Eddie Michalson, one of Borgia’s top Lieutenants, prompting Sentry International to pack Special Agents Peale and Miller off to the Big Apple to liaise with NYPD to solve the murders.

However, the assassinations are only a small part of the problems awaiting the team in the city. The killings have ignited a power struggle within Borgia’s criminal empire, shaking it apart and placing everything and everyone Miller and Peale care about at risk.

Available in print and Kindle editions.

Winter Wonderland


Winter has Louisville in its grip and former FBI agent, Dallas Powell, has his hands full with car trouble, cat trouble and trying to keep the Derby City branch of Trueblood Investigations and Security, Inc. solvent. When a juicy insurance job comes his way, he jumps at it, but the discovery of a decades-old murder spawns a veritable blizzard of violence and Dallas finds himself right in its path.

Available in print, Kindle, and Audible audiobook editions.

San Francisco at Night

San Francisco, 1890. Byron Cyrus Peale is a vampire, but he is far from the most dangerous person in town. A ruthless Shanghai ring is abducting citizens and visitors alike, selling them to ships’ captains who need crew and don’t care where they get them. Peale faces danger from all sides. Floyd Kaetin – A tough, savvy police captain who knows Peale’s secret and wants to use his supernatural abilities to break up the ring. Zhao Conguyn – Owner of the Golden Rain Pavilion Saloon who isn’t aware of his friend’s secret, yet unknowingly threatens to expose it. Ignatius Dulmage – A young police inspector, charged with acting as Peale’s minder. He takes his task seriously. Claire Ashford – The beautiful widow who threatens to invade his heart — with dire consequences. And the crimps who mistake him for just another warm body.

Available in print and Kindle editions.


Sara Marian


Sara Marian was raised in the woods by wild English teachers, and has been writing for as long as she can remember. Mixed-genre speculative fiction is her favorite thing to read or write. She has written traditional and urban fantasy, paranormal bordering on horror, steam and cyberpunk, realism, comedy, and various combinations of all the above. In addition to writing fiction, Sara is a freelance editor, archaeologist, and author of non-fiction historical articles. She is particularly interested in Russian history and literature, historical archaeology, the history of medicine and technology, and the history of tourism in Victorian Kentucky. She blogs at Sara Marian: author, editor, & archaeologist.

The Life and Death (But Mostly the Death) of Erica Flynn


Erica Flynn never expected to die in a car crash just minutes after a fight with her husband, Dominic. But then, a modern, down-to-earth skeptic like Erica never expected to end up in an afterlife somewhere between Greek mythology and quantum theory gone haywire. Despite the allure of the Underworld and a happy reunion with her deceased Uncle Jeff, Erica can’t rest in peace until she resolves her fight with Dominic. Just when it looks like haunting a medium might give her a chance, Hades–ruler of the capitol city of the Underworld–forbids her to make contact with the Upper World again.

Against all advice (which is how Erica usually does things), she pits herself against Hades and faces the treacherous road back to the Land of the Living, determined to make things right.

Available in print and Kindle editions.


J. Paul Burroughs

J. Paul Burroughs is a retired English teacher, having taught for 44 years in Indianapolis Public Schools. He is a member of the Speed City Sisters in Crime. For years, he created classroom textbooks for his students on the lives and writings of famous American and British authors. He has written fan fiction based on television programs as gifts for his wife for the various holidays. His short story, “The Reindeer Murder Case” recently appeared in the anthology, Homicide for the Holidays. He also contributed to the drama, “Deadbeat” created by members of the Speed City Sisters in Crime. He and his wife of 36 years, Ronda, live in a historic house in Greenfield, Indiana with their lovable (but mischievous) pug puppy, Pip.

Karma and Crime

When the dreams started, Lanyon Stevenson thought he was losing his mind. They were horrific, full of smoke, fire and death. Desperate for help, Lanyon is directed to Dr. Asha Christopher, a Psychologist who practices hypno-therapy. When Dr. Christopher hypnotizes Lanyon to discover the reason behind the terrifying dreams, she finds they don’t spring from childhood trauma as she’d expected. Instead, she finds that Lanyon Stevenson has lived many lives in the past. The dreams are flashbacks — memories — warnings from the past about people in danger in the present. Can Lanyon and Asha interpret the warnings in time to save lives?

Available in print and Kindle versions.


Diana Catt

Diana Catt is an author, editor, daytime environmental microbiologist and business owner. She has 20 short stories appearing in anthologies published by Blue River Press, Red Coyote Press, Pill Hill Press, Wolfmont Press, The Four Horseman Press, Speed City Press, and Level Best Books. Her collection, Below the Line, is available on Amazon. She is co-editor of anthologies The Fine Art of Murder (2016, Blue River Press), Homicide for the Holidays (2018, Blue River Press), and Trick or Treats: Tales of an All Hallows’ Eve (2021, Speed City Press). She is married with three kids, four grandkids, and four pets. You can find the author’s website at

Death Map

Investigative reporter Lila Kincaid’s world is turned upside down when her oldest friend is murdered and her twelve-year-old godson is hospitalized with injuries sustained in the attack. The tragedy deepens when it becomes apparent that the boy, Mike, is his mother’s murderer. Everyone, including the detective assigned to the case, is at a loss to explain this abrupt and violent change in the boy’s behavior.

Determined to find answers and to prove Mike’s innocence, Lila launches her own investigation, uncovering a pattern of violence that leads her into a deep web of murder, corruption and deceit. Lila finds herself fighting not only for justice for Mike, but for her very life.

Available in print and Kindle versions.


MB Dabney

MB Dabney is an award-winning journalist whose writing has appeared in numerous local and national publications, such as Indianapolis Monthly, NUVO, Ebony magazine, Black, the Indianapolis Recorder, and the Indianapolis Business Journal. A native of Indianapolis, Michael spent decades as a reporter working at Business Week magazine, United Press International and the Associated Press, the Indianapolis Star, and The Philadelphia Tribune, the nation’s oldest continuously published Black newspaper, where he won awards for editorial writing. He has co-edited two anthologies — Decades of Dirt: Murder, Mystery and Mayhem from the Crossroads of Crime; and MURDER 20/20 — and has published numerous short mystery stories, including Miss Hattie Mae’s Secret (Decades of Dirt) , Callipygian (The Fine Art of Murder), and Killing Santa Claus (Homicide for the Holidays). His first novel is An Untidy Affair.

The father of two adult daughters, Michael lives in Indianapolis with his wife, Angela.MB Dabney is an award-winning journalist whose writing has appeared in numerous local and national publications, such as Indianapolis Monthly, NUVO, Ebony magazine, Black, the Indianapolis Recorder, and the Indianapolis Business Journal. A native of Indianapolis, Michael spent decades as a reporter working at Business Week magazine, United Press International and the Associated Press, the Indianapolis Star, and The Philadelphia Tribune, the nation’s oldest continuously published Black newspaper, where he won awards for editorial writing. He has co-edited two anthologies — Decades of Dirt: Murder, Mystery and Mayhem from the Crossroads of Crime; and MURDER 20/20 — and has published numerous short mystery stories, including Miss Hattie Mae’s Secret (Decades of Dirt) , Callipygian (The Fine Art of Murder), and Killing Santa Claus (Homicide for the Holidays). His first novel is An Untidy Affair.

The father of two adult daughters, Michael lives in Indianapolis with his wife, Angela.

An Untidy Affair

Struggling Philadelphia private eye David Blaise gets two routine but unrelated cases on the same day in May 1985 – the day city police firebombed the MOVE house, which killed 11 people and destroyed an entire neighborhood. When Blaise starts following a cheating husband and searching for a missing person who may not actually be missing, he also discovers his cases may be related, and that he is being followed. When his tail is murdered, implicating the P-I, Blaise must find the true killer before he is literally buried alive.

Available in print and Kindle editions.

A Deadly Game

David Blaise is a private eye with troubles. His girlfriend wants to have the Talk with him, Philly mobsters want to kill him, his brother-in-law lies to him, and a beautiful city official snubs him. On top of that, his lech of a landlord wants Blaise to prove his partner is cooking the books.

Blaise has to call on his Naval intelligence training and all of his North Philly street smarts if he’s going to survive 1984.

Available in print and Kindle editions.


Joanna Foreman


Joanna Foreman was asked to write a ghost story in 2007 and she found herself unable to stop writing them. Thirteen of those stories can be found in “Ghostly Hauntings of Interstate ­65”. She spent three years time­traveling inside her head for research to complete her memoir, “The Know-it-­all Girl”.  She currently is writing a novel set along the River Walk in San Antonio, Texas. Her frequent weekend Texas getaways keep her in touch with the imaginary characters living there.

Above all, Joanna’s first priority is family, although she admits to an occasional urge to move to the moon for escape purposes. Her granddaughter advises her to take her cell phone so she can be kept abreast of the family’s shenanigans while she is gone. Joanna and her husband Craig married barefooted in the sand on St. Augustine Beach in 2001. They built a modest home smack­dab in the middle of two wooded acres where they plan to live happily ever after.

Ghostly Hauntings of Interstate 65


Go to the café, if you dare, but don’t sit in booth #1. Our ghost plays tricks on unsuspecting diners. How did the pristine, red 1968 Mustang arrive on Interstate-65 at midnight without a driver? Oh sure, the fortune teller had warned of a little girl in trouble, but why had she said nothing about pink? Sacred bones, of a prostitute no less, are unearthed during Interstate construction. See how she solves the mystery of a long-forgotten murder. The mansion was moved in preparation for the new highway, but what about the solid gold coffin in the cellar?

Available in print and Kindle editions.

Riverwalk Chameleon

Winner of the 2018 Imadjinn award for Best Thriller Novel.

Julia Madison Tyler throws lavish parties in her bathroom. Indeed, with a grand bathing lounge like hers, it would be a crime not to exploit it. But at one particular party a real crime is set in motion. Julia is romanced by a man intent on making her an accessory to kidnapping. Her desperation is heightened when she realizes her own family is at risk, as well. Can Julia find a way to foil the plot and save her young grandson at the same time?

Available in print and Kindle editions.

The Know-It-All Girl: A memoir by a former Jehovah’s Witness

Unlike some books by former members of groups, this is no screed or rant. Yes, there was pain. Yes, there was disillusionment. Yes, there was devastating loss. But there was also joy, friendship, and emotional enrichment. In her memoir, Joanna Foreman navigates through her conviction that she knew it all to her present free contentment. This memoir, told with humor and deep emotion, takes you inside the life of a “JW” and out again, with the help of a guide you’ll feel is confiding to you across the table of a comfortable restaurant.

“I don’t know exactly when I started falling out of The Truth, but I remember the precise moment when, way up high in a tree, I made the decision to get in.” (Chapter 6) ~*~ “You think you have lifetime friends in the Organization? Try leaving.”(Chapter 8)

Available in print and for Kindle.


Janie Franz

Janie Franz comes from a long line of liars and storytellers with roots deep in east Tennessee and honed by the frigid winters of the Northern Plains and the ever-changing landscape of the high desert and mountains of New Mexico. She is an author, a professional speaker, and reviewer. Previously, she ran her own online music publication (Refrain Magazine) and was an agent/publicist for a groove/funk band, a radio announcer, and a yoga/relaxation instructor. Readers’ comments welcome at

A Handful of Dirt

When a man is found dead near a large boulder in the back country of northern New Mexico, it seems like a simple homicide. A missing body part, cadaver dogs, and old remains turn the investigation toward the bizarre and the chilling.

Two indigenous female lawyers defend the elderly man wrongfully accused of the murder. Their PI, Allen Rodriguez, a young man with strong psychic abilities, joins the investigation as old and evil practices reach out into the present.

Can Allen use his abilities without darkness overwhelming him? Will a deadly hatred from his family’s past turn his younger brother’s manhood ceremony into a tragedy?

Available in print and for Kindle.

Simple Gifts: Book 1 of the Granny Woman Tales

Sephronia Hill has spent most of her 85 years in Dark Hollow, Tennessee. A herbal healer, the local Granny Woman, Sephie forages medicinal herbs in the Appalachian foothills around her home making tinctures and salves. A peaceful way of life if you don’t count her prickly widowed sister, Agnesia, who shares the house with her.

An urgent phone call from her niece, Mandy upsets the routine. Mandy and her wife, Laura, need help urgently. Their community of Riverbend, North Dakota, is under threat by what appears to be a vampire and the resources of their metaphysical shop, the North Star, are stretched to their limit.

Sephie wastes no time. She and her protege, B.D. Travers, pack everything — including a few dozen jars of Cousin Lije’s secret ingredient — into the station wagon and head north.

Once in Riverbend, Sephie finds the vampire along with a whole host of other supernatural creatures and just maybe a bit of romance.

In print and for Kindle.


Katina French


Katina French is a science fiction and fantasy author from southern Indiana. An award-winning copywriter, she’s been writing professionally for over 20 years. Recent works of fiction include THE CLOCKWORK REPUBLICS series, as well as BELLE STARR, a space adventure serial in the vein of Joss Whedon’s Firefly and Chris Wooding’s Ketty Jay books.

Ms. French writes fast-paced, humor-laced adventure stories with a touch of mystery and romance that appeal to young adults and the young at heart.

She’s been married for two decades to her best friend, who proposed at a cast party for their high school production of M*A*S*H. (Kat played “Hot Lips” Houlihan.) They live in a Grey Cottage in southern Indiana with two creative, funny, opinionated kids and a Siamese cat.

Her website is Katina French: author of steampunk fairy tales.

Belle Starr: Whiskey on the Rocks


She’s brave, crazy, dangerous… and your best shot of crossing the galaxy alive. 

Captain Shaen Morris may be certifiably insane. Her ship the Belle Starr may look like a rusty, lobster-shaped piece of junk. But for the right price, they’ll get you off-world, using the interdimensional portal known as “the Passage.” 

When a robot shows up with some unusual cargo, Shaen questions its motivations. When it refuses to power down during transit, she questions whether the fare is worth it. Something lurking in limbo endangers them all, and it takes some fancy flying to get everyone out alive.

Available in print, Kindle, and Audible audiobook editions.

Belle Starr: The Skull Game


She’s brave, crazy, dangerous… and your best shot at crossing the galaxy alive. 

An encounter with an android and an orphan has left Shaen unsettled. She’s the best coyote pilot in the galaxy, but the future for all coyote pilots is madness and death, or worse, a permanent return to the hellish Asylum Ships. Unwilling to let the Belle Starr become space debris if she’s incapacitated, Shaen agrees to something she’s never attempted: taking on an apprentice. 

But old rivals Vahnu and Vishku have a different plan to make their fortune and avoid their fate. A plan that includes stealing the very thing she’s struggling to save: Shaen’s fractured mind.

Available in print and Kindle editions.

Belle Starr: Belly of the Beast

She’s brave, crazy, dangerous… and your best shot at crossing the galaxy alive. For once, things are going well for space smuggler Shaen Morris and her sentient ship the Belle Starr. Which should have been her first clue that something was about to go very wrong. When an anomaly in the Passage causes all transportation in the galaxy to grind to a sudden halt, she is forced to help out an old adversary – and put an old friend in grave danger. Shaen could uncover the secret to what created the Passage, and why it drives humans insane. But what will this ancient knowledge cost?

Available in print and Kindle editions.

The Belle Starr Chronicles

Strap in for a rip-snorting space opera adventure with an off-kilter smuggler, her smart-mouthed ship, and the various assortment of ruffians, ne’er-do-wells and vagabonds who enter their orbit. Captain Shaen Morris may be certifiably unhinged. Her ship the Belle Starr may look like a rusty, lobster-shaped piece of junk. But for the right price, they’ll get you off-world, using the interdimensional portal known as “the Passage.” The Belle Starr Chronicles omnibus includes all three previously-published episodes: Whiskey on the Rocks, The Skull Game, and Belly of the Beast. It also contains the never-before-seen story, Episode 0: Starr Crossed.

Available in print and Kindle editions.


Andrea Gilbey

Andrea Gilbey visits America as often as she can to add some British colour (because that’s how they spell it over there), whenever she can get leave from her day job as a footwear technologist. (Motto: breaking shoes so you don’t have to.) Andrea has published five illustrated children’s books for pre-schoolers and upwards and, with Southern Indiana Writers colleague Ginny Fleming, worked on the Written in Our Hearts Cookbook in aid of the Davy Jones Equine Memorial Foundation. She is currently working on the third volume of Sylvie’s War which is set in wartime England. Andrea lives in leafy Hertfordshire with her beloved cat, Teecy.

Three Finger Exercises

Andrea Gilbey presents a collection of stories — nostalgic, funny, creepy, charming — inspired by writing prompts. A word, a phrase, a memory, a theme — anything might ignite a creative spark. Join the author as she ventures into science fiction, horror, memoir, and gentle ghost stories. From a child learning to read to a woman setting the suspicions of the police to rest, there’s a story here for every taste.

Available in print and Kindle versions.



Bottletops for Battleships

Sylvie is four coming five, and about to start school but an even bigger life event is just around the corner as the Second World War begins and Sylvie’s family, along with the rest of Britain, has to deal with new dangers and shortages.

This is the first in the Sylvie’s War trilogy.

Available in print and Kindle versions.



Edelweiss For Elizabeth

Sylvie is eleven coming twelve, and about to take her scholarship place at the local grammar school. The war is over, and a new era is beginning for the family, but a sudden event pushes a young girl from another family onto the world stage, and Sylvie, her friends and relatives, become the new Elizabethans. This sequel to the novel Bottletops for Battleships follows the Ford family into the brave new world of the nineteen fifties.

Available in print and Kindle versions.


Dirk D. Griffin

Somewhere along the way, Dirk Griffin was bitten by the Renaissance Man bug. Among his many hats are singer/songwriter, composer, playwright, actor, photographer, digital artist, father, grandfather, technology whisperer, and general ne’er do well. Some of his music can be found at Additional writings can be found in various volumes of the Indian Creek Anthologies by the Southern Indiana Writers’ Group Artwork for home or clothing items are available at storefronts on and

War & Pieces

Travel through lives touched by the every day sacred and profane. Be transported into the pain, hope, loss, gain and transcendence as you go. Feel the aether of this world made real in journeys by dreamers, builders, beautiful losers, ugly winners, and destroyers; earthbound spirits seeking to ascend beyond. We are all seeking that part of the universal that connects us. In these verses are questions that will inform the reader’s own journey through war and the pieces left after.

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Brett Sanders

Brett Alan Sanders is a writer, translator, and retired teacher living in Tell City, Indiana. He earned a BA in Spanish (with an English minor) at Indiana University and an MALS (Master of Arts in Liberal Studies) at the University of Southern Indiana. He has been a contributing writer at Tertulia Magazine, where for “Tertullian’s Blog” he wrote the occasional column “Arte Retórica,” and a former columnist for the Perry County News (the best of those columns are currently set for publication with Per Bastet Publications under the title Confabulating With the Cows). In addition he served a brief stint as managing editor at New Works Review and has translated for the literary-arts website suelta. He has published original essays, fiction, and literary translations in a variety of journals including Hunger Mountain, Artful Dodge, The Antigonish Review, Confluence: The Journal of Graduate Liberal Studies, and Rosebud. He has also published a YA novella (A Bride Called Freedom, Ediciones Nuevo Espacio, 2003); two book-length translations from the work of Buenos Aires writer María Rosa Lojo (Awaiting the Green Morning, Host Publications, 2008 and Passionate Nomads, Aliform Publishing, 2011); and the translation of Argentine American poet Luis Alberto Ambroggio’s poetic tribute to Walt Whitman (We Are All Whitman, Arte Público Press, 2016). He may be contacted via his website/blog at

Confabulating with the Cows

These newspaper columns by a southern Indiana writer and teacher cover a range of human experience from the absurdist and whimsical to the more earnestly philosophical and socially aware. Whether or not, like the author, you have ever stood (or contemplated standing) in fields confabulating with the cows, you are bound to find many thoughts worth chewing on in these engaging essays.

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A young woman named Viviana Suárez writes a series of letters to her friend in the United States, telling the story of Dorotea Bazán, “said to have been captured by Indians in the late nineteenth century,” and resistant of rescue. Years later, grown and married, Viviana finds herself in the middle of the eternal conflict between a seemingly rigid father and a rebellious teenage son.

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Jen Selinsky

Jen Selinsky was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. In 2003, she earned her bachelor’s degree in English from Clarion University of Pennsylvania. In 2004, she earned her master’s degree in library science from the same school. Jen has worked as a professional librarian for over twelve years. She has published more than 170 books, many of which contain poetry. Her work can be found on the following sites: Lulu, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, iTunes, Smashwords, Pen It! Publications, and Books-a-Million, as well as many others. She has also been featured in publications such as The Courier Journal, The News and Tribune, Explorer Magazine, Liphar Magazine, and Indiana Libraries. Jen lives in Sellersburg, Indiana with her husband.

A Cat for All Seasons

In A Cat for all Seasons, the author expresses her love for everything feline. Discover a variety of works through the use of poetry, prose, and even quotes to make every cat lover in your clowder purr with delight.

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Southern Indiana Writers


Since 1992, the Southern Indiana Writers have been producing the acclaimed Indian Creek Anthology series. We are pleased to publish the latest anthology, and look forward to more in the future from this talented group of authors.

The Worst Book in the Universe


The Worst Book in the Universe is the latest short story collection from the Southern Indiana Writers’ “Indian Creek Anthology” series.

It includes 20 stories set in fictional Wurstburg Middle School, ” the worst school in the universe in the worst town in the universe. ” These stories will be great fun for middle grade readers.

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XX: SIW Goes Platinum

XX can mean a lot of things. In this twentieth volume of the Indian Creek Anthology Series, it runs the gamut from double crosses to X marks the spot. SIW brings you moonshine, love and kisses, cross-over mythologies, and yes, even the number twenty. We invite you to dive in, and enjoy the stories as SIW Goes PLATINUM.

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Herding Cats and Other Alien Creatures

There is magic in these nine stories, two poems, and single work of creative nonfiction. Among its wild array of visions are a band of ruffians waylaying “Living Books” on a strangely Earth-like planet; a cat-like alien astronaut whose ship lands at the bottom of an English garden; a hilarious case of “cat-o-strophic spelling” in New York City and some more cosmically fortunate magic at a school for young wizards; a Native American “ghost walker” fighting evil “spiderlings” on a distant asteroid; and a comedy – set in more familiar Hoosier territory – of middle-aged lovers in crisis, a rebellious teenager, and a biker gang leader named Mongo.

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Apollo and Athena Walk Into a Bar: (Art Meets Science)

Centuries ago, back when the Old Gods first fled the Mortal Realm . . .” Apollo and Athena, fallen god and goddess, respectively, of the arts and the sciences, linger in the shadows of the bar where Neptune regales his patrons with jokes. Also lurking in these writings are, among other wonders, a congenial vampire-detective who, with Ben Franklin, courts a lovely automaton that blows poison kisses; a grieving colonist on Mars grappling with meaning and religious doubt; a trio of canoe-transporting raccoons; a young woman mathematician approaching the mystery of her absent father, the notorious Romantic poet Lord Byron; and a Walden-carrying, Hoosier Everyboy trying to map the Alaskan wilds.

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