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Some People Just Don’t Know When To Shut Up: New Book From Marian Allen. Um, We’re Talking About The Character, Not The Author

If you’ve read Marian Allen’s SIDESHOW IN THE CENTER RING, you know that Connie Phelan has a mouth on her. In these short stories, we see how that’s affected her life — and the lives of the people around her.

Connie Phelan was born with no money, no prospects, and no filter. Her smart mouth got her into and out of trouble until she parlayed it into entertainment stardom. But that wasn’t enough. She wanted to lord it over the kind of elites who had made her childhood hell. That led her to Marner, where people are vaguely cat-like and a form of slavery is legal. Smart mouth. Trouble. Some things never change.

Available in print and Kindle editions.

More Danger From Michael Dabney

The former Philadelphia reporter Michael Dabney takes you back to Philly in the bad old days of the 80s with another David Blaise dive into danger.

David Blaise is a private eye with troubles. His girlfriend wants to have the Talk with him, Philly mobsters want to kill him, his brother-in-law lies to him, and a beautiful city official snubs him. On top of that, his lech of a landlord wants Blaise to prove his partner is cooking the books.

Blaise has to call on his Naval intelligence training and all of his North Philly street smarts if he’s going to survive 1984.

Available in print and for Kindle.

Cozy Up With Janie Franz

Janie Franz is back with Book 1 of a new series!

Sephronia Hill has spent most of her 85 years in Dark Hollow, Tennessee. A herbal healer, the local Granny Woman, Sephie forages medicinal herbs in the Appalachian foothills around her home making tinctures and salves. A peaceful way of life if you don’t count her prickly widowed sister, Agnesia, who shares the house with her.

An urgent phone call from her niece, Mandy upsets the routine. Mandy and her wife, Laura, need help urgently. Their community of Riverbend, North Dakota, is under threat by what appears to be a vampire and the resources of their metaphysical shop, the North Star, are stretched to their limit.

Sephie wastes no time. She and her protege, B.D. Travers, pack everything — including a few dozen jars of Cousin Lije’s secret ingredient — into the station wagon and head north.

Once in Riverbend, Sephie finds the vampire along with a whole host of other supernatural creatures and just maybe a bit of romance.

In print and for Kindle.

Just In Time For Your Summer Road Trip

Per Bastet Publications is delighted to offer this chilling yet somehow positive thriller from microbiologist Diana Catt.

Investigative reporter Lila Kincaid’s world is turned upside down when her oldest friend is murdered and her twelve-year-old godson is hospitalized with injuries sustained in the attack. The tragedy deepens when it becomes apparent that the boy, Mike, is his mother’s murderer. Everyone, including the detective assigned to the case, is at a loss to explain this abrupt and violent change in the boy’s behavior.

Determined to find answers and to prove Mike’s innocence, Lila launches her own investigation, uncovering a pattern of violence that leads her into a deep web of murder, corruption and deceit. Lila finds herself fighting not only for justice for Mike, but for her very life.

Available in print and Kindle versions.

New (To US) Author, New Book

We’re delighted to welcome author Janie Franz to the clowder, and proud to bring you her new paranormal mystery:

When a man is found dead near a large boulder in the back country of northern New Mexico, it seems like a simple homicide. A missing body part, cadaver dogs, and old remains turn the investigation toward the bizarre and the chilling.

Two indigenous female lawyers defend the elderly man wrongfully accused of the murder. Their PI, Allen Rodriguez, a young man with strong psychic abilities, joins the investigation as old and evil practices reach out into the present.

Can Allen use his abilities without darkness overwhelming him? Will a deadly hatred from his family’s past turn his younger brother’s manhood ceremony into a tragedy?

Available in print and for Kindle.

A Study in Quiet Courage

Brett Sander’s long-anticipated publication of two of his long stories in one volume has dropped!

A young woman named Viviana Suárez writes a series of letters to her friend in the United States, telling the story of Dorotea Bazán, “said to have been captured by Indians in the late nineteenth century,” and resistant of rescue. Years later, grown and married, Viviana finds herself in the middle of the eternal conflict between a seemingly rigid father and a rebellious teenage son.

Available at Amazon in print and for Kindle, and by order from other booksellers with the ISBN-10 1942166745, the ISBN-13 978-1942166740, or the ASIN (eBook) B09CRX8JNB.

New Title, New (to us) Author

An Untidy Affair

Struggling Philadelphia private eye David Blaise gets two routine but unrelated cases on the same day in May 1985 – the day city police firebombed the MOVE house, which killed 11 people and destroyed an entire neighborhood. When Blaise starts following a cheating husband and searching for a missing person who may not actually be missing, he also discovers his cases may be related, and that he is being followed. When his tail is murdered, implicating the P-I, Blaise must find the true killer before he is literally buried alive.

Available in print and Kindle editions.

The War Is Over, But Sylvie’s Conflicts Aren’t

Sylvie is eleven coming twelve, and about to take her scholarship place at the local grammar school. The war is over, and a new era is beginning for the family, but a sudden event pushes a young girl from another family onto the world stage, and Sylvie, her friends and relatives, become the new Elizabethans. This sequel to the novel Bottletops for Battleships follows the Ford family into the brave new world of the nineteen fifties.

The second volume of British author Andrea Gilbey has just hit Amazon. If you loved BOTTLETOPS FOR BATTLESHIPS, you’ll want to see what Sylvie, her family, and friends are up to as life transitions from war to dates and jobs. Why is nothing ever simple?

EDELWEISS FOR ELIZABETH is available in print and for Kindle.

Sylvie’s Back, And We’ve Got Her!

Sylvie is four coming five, and about to start school but an even bigger life event is just around the corner as the Second World War begins and Sylvie’s family, along with the rest of Britain, has to deal with new dangers and shortages.

British author Andrea Gilbey has transferred publication of her Sylvie’s War trilogy to Per Bastet, and we’re over the moon! Based on memories her late mother shared with her over the years, Gilbey is crafting fictional and semi-fictional characters and storylines that are so real, you’ll think you lived them yourself. In fact, one of the Pers read the book to her mother, who grew up in wartime America, and drew out many memories that had been buried by time.

Available at Amazon in print and for Kindle.

It’ll Come Back to Haunt You

Per Bastet Publications is excited to announce the first of a series by J. Paul Burroughs: KARMA AND CRIME.

When the dreams started, Lanyon Stevenson thought he was losing his mind. They were horrific, full of smoke, fire and death. Desperate for help, Lanyon is directed to Dr. Asha Christopher, a Psychologist who practices hypno-therapy. When Dr. Christopher hypnotizes Lanyon to discover the reason behind the terrifying dreams, she finds they don’t spring from childhood trauma as she’d expected. Instead, she finds that Lanyon Stevenson has lived many lives in the past. The dreams are flashbacks — memories — warnings from the past about people in danger in the present. Can Lanyon and Asha interpret the warnings in time to save lives?

Available in print and for Kindle.

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